Synthetic Environment Evaluation - Inspection Tool (SEE-IT)

Installation Instructions

NOTE: The Windows version of this application requires the installation and set-up of an X Server as a helper application prior to its use. A free X Server is provided as a separate download, however our recommendation is that you purchase a copy of Hummingbird Communications' Exceed (

To install the free X Server, download the separate X Server distribution package, extract its contents, and follow the directions in the README.txt file of the root directory (directory to which the download was extracted).

For all other X Servers, follow the installation instructions received with those applications.

After installation of an X Server (if required; Windows only), install SEE-IT by extracting the contents of the SEE-IT platform-specific download package. To launch SEE-IT, see the UNIX_INSTALL.txt file (Linux, SGI) or the WINDOWS_INSTALL.txt file (Win32) in the /docs directory.

You do not need to download or install the SEDRIS SDK to use this tool. See the README.txt file and the User Guide in the /docs folder of the download for usage instructions.

For other questions, send a request to

Last updated: June 22, 2011