Release Notes


Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Fixes and Upgrades Since Last Release
  3. Fixes and Upgrades Planned For Future Releases
  4. Known defects and Limitations
  5. System Requirements
  6. Installation
  7. Documentation
  8. Runtime Variables
  9. Bug Reports and Feedback
  10. Web Pages


Thank you for downloading this release of Focus. The Focus application is useful for examining and editing SEDRIS Transmittal Format (STF) files (also called SEDRIS transmittals). This release has been tested on Linux and Windows and is compatible with SEDRIS 4.1.x, DRM 4.1.0, EDCS 4.4.0, and SRM 4.1.0.

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Fixes and Upgrades Since Last Release

The following list provides a summary of the improvements/fixes in the release:

  1. [FEATURE] Updated installer interface
  2. [BUG FIX] Several installer bug fixes
  3. [BUG FIX] Compatibility updates for JRE/JDK 7

The following list provides a summary of the improvements/fixes in the release:

  1. [BUG FIX] Several minor bug fixes

The following list provides a summary of the improvements/fixes in the release:

  1. [FEATURE] Added installation wizard (Windows)
  2. [FEATURE] Installer can associate transmittals with Focus (Windows)
  3. [FEATURE] Preferences and application state are now saved in the current user's home directory (~/.focus)
  4. [FEATURE] Transmittal versions are now checked when opening to ensure compatibility
  5. [FEATURE] Added drag-and-drop support (open a transmittal by dragging into application window)
  6. [FEATURE] Added support for SEDRIS C++ API
  7. [FEATURE] Added option in Edit → Preferences to switch between SEDRIS C and C++ APIs
  8. [FEATURE] Last-used working directory (for opening and saving transmittals) is now remembered between sessions
  9. [FEATURE] Revamped UI layout
  10. [FEATURE] Improved (more standardized) keyboard shortcuts
  11. [FEATURE] Moved Bookmarks panel functionality to the menu bar (Bookmarks menu)
  12. [FEATURE] Moved Run Applications panel functionality to the menu bar (Tools menu)
  13. [FEATURE] Moved File → Open FOCUS Error File to Tools → View FOCUS Error Report
  14. [FEATURE] Application title bar now displays version of API in use and currently-focused transmittal (if any)
  15. [FEATURE] Most recently used files list now stores and displays entries in order of most recent use
  16. [FEATURE] Copying complex object trees is now supported
  17. [FEATURE] Copying large object trees now also copies referenced objects from outside the selection scope
  18. [BUG FIX] Most recently used files list no longer duplicates entries
  19. [BUG FIX] Users can now copy objects from read-only transmittals
  20. [BUG FIX] Users can now view <Data Table> data in read-only transmittals
  21. [BUG FIX] Display error message when trying to create a new transmittal in a file that already exists
  22. [BUG FIX] All dialog boxes now have appropriate/correct titles
  23. [BUG FIX] Dragged windows now show contents while being dragged
  24. [BUG FIX] Popup windows now correctly size themselves to fit their contents
  25. [BUG FIX] Popup windows now enforce minimum sizes to ensure they can't be resized too small to be useful
  26. [BUG FIX] Disable Show Errors button in output window for tools that do not support this feature
  27. [BUG FIX] Simplified Delete dialog confirmation
  28. [BUG FIX] Menu items are now named and ordered consistently across all menu interfaces
  29. [BUG FIX] Trying to bookmark the same object twice now displays a warning instead of adding a second bookmark
  30. [BUG FIX] Trying to delete a <Transmittal Root> object now displays an error dialog
  31. [BUG FIX] Edit → Remove Relationship and Bookmarks → Bookmark now have correct shortcut key assignments
  32. [BUG FIX] Improved handling for high-resolution displays
  33. [BUG FIX] Closing dialogs by destroying the window (i.e. clicking [X]) now selects the Cancel action instead of the OK action
  34. [BUG FIX] UI now properly fully repaints and resets when switching between Look and Feel options
  35. [BUG FIX] UI now repaints the toolbar when applying preferences changes
  36. [BUG FIX] All toolbar icons now display correct tooltips
  37. [BUG FIX] Depth tool can now be run without first selecting another tool
  38. [BUG FIX] Syntax checker tool error report files are now displayed correctly when no errors were found
  39. [BUG FIX] Corrected grouping of menu items in menu bar
  40. [BUG FIX] Edit menu (and right-click pop-up menu) actions are now properly enabled or disabled based on the selected object (whether it can be edited or not) and the transmittal's read/write state
  41. [BUG FIX] Edit → Search and Edit → Find combined into a common dialog accessible via Edit → Find
  42. [BUG FIX] OME search removed due to incompatible changes in SEDRIS API
  43. [BUG FIX] Multiple documentation updates and enhancements
  44. [BUG FIX] Objects are now checked for multiple aggregate relationships before deletion (a warning dialog is displayed if an object has multiple relationships and can't be deleted)
  45. [BUG FIX] Performance improvements in copy-and-paste operations involving large/complex object trees
  46. [BUG FIX] Copying large object trees no longer duplicates certain objects

The following list provides a summary of the improvements/fixes in the release:

  1. Improved memory management of object ID strings.
  2. Modified default parameter values passed to the applications by the GUI. The rules_checker and syntax_checker applications, in particular, pass zero to the update rate so that counts are not echoed to the Focus application window.
  3. Open multiple transmittals simultaneously.
  4. Create multiple views of a transmittal.
  5. View and edit the objects in a transmittal.
  6. Find a specific object in a transmittal by its DRM class or ID.
  7. Navigate from object to object in an object tree hierarchy.
  8. Create bookmarks on transmittal objects.
  9. Copy and paste objects within and across transmittals.
  10. Create objects in a transmittal.
  11. Delete objects from a transmittal.
  12. Run an application on a transmittal from the main window.
  13. Locate an object in post-processing of syntax or rules checker via GUI.
  14. Configure GUI and transmittal traversal preferences.
  15. Add and Remove relationships between objects in a transmittal.
  16. Search the transmittal for specific criteria using XML OMEs.

The following list provides a summary of the improvements/fixes in the release:

  1. Migrated Focus to SEDRIS 4.1.x compatibility.
  2. When created or edited, <Axis> instances now list for selection only the EDCS_Attribute_Codes and EDCS_Unit_Codes that are consistent with their data type requirements. (This does not cause any loss of data for existing <Axis> instances with invalid fields.)
  3. When created or edited, <Table Property Description> instances and <Variable> instances now list for selection only the EDCS_Unit_Codes that are consistent with their data type requirements. (This does not cause any loss of data for existing objects with invalid fields.)
  4. Eliminated a limitation on the maximum size of an array field that could be displayed.

The following list provides a summary of the improvements/fixes in the release:

  1. Added the necessary fixes so that Focus can now correctly view and edit ITR transmittals.
  2. Fixed the problem that was introduced in version that caused new components not to show up in the viewer right away.
  3. Fixed numerous small bugs.

The following list provides a summary of the improvements/fixes in the release:

  1. Fixed a bug that caused Focus to crash when searching for objects of a specific type. Problem was caused by a static global fixed size string that was being overrun when the path to a specific object was long, or deep in the transmittal, causing the overwriting of other variables.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused an "out of heap memory" exception when trying to search a transmittal using the OME interface and the resulting matching set was large.
  3. Fixed a caching problem with the storage and retrieval of matching objects from the OME search.
  4. Re-worked the OME search interface for flexibility and ease of use.
  5. Added a progress bar that displays the time elapsed for OME searches that take a lot of time.
  6. Added a way to stop an OME search and return all matches up to that point. Works well when the search seems like it's returning more objects than you expected your OME to return.
  7. Separated the object set window from the match information window.
  8. Added an option to open an object set from the Search Menu.
  9. Added a button in the object set viewer to change the stf that the matching objects apply to.
  10. Added additional information to the object set format such as the originating transmittal name, the OME name, and the OME file name.
  11. Added a button to the object set viewer to view the object set information.
  12. Added an option to save the object set as an XML object set (re-usable in Focus), or a list of plain object IDs.
  13. Fixed a bug in the Recent Files list.
  14. Fixed the background color of the MDI to a solid medium grey color.
  15. Added an enhancement that remembers the previous size and location of the Main window each time you open and close Focus. The initial size is still fullscreen the first time that you run Focus.
  16. Added options to object set window to allow for changing the number of objects to show at one time, and also a way for users to go to a specific index in the matching set.
  17. Added buttons for navigating through the matching objects.
  18. Upgraded the OME File viewer to a simple editor.
  19. Added Model Viewer as a pre-installed application.
  20. Multiple documentation fixes and enhancements.

The following list provides a summary of the improvements/fixes in the release:

  1. Re-vamped the browse buttons on the Toolbar to make them more intuitive as far as behavior/icon/text names. New browse buttons on the Toolbar are Aggregate/Component, Previous/Next Sibling, and Step Up/Down in the view tree.
  2. Add a color chooser in for the RGB, HSV, and CMY Colour classes.
  3. Added new OME matching functionality with window that provides links to objects in object tree.
  4. Fix the Toolbar LayoutManager so that the icons are not arranged 2 x 2, but 1 x 1, when the toolbar is moved to the sides.
  5. Changed the version from v0.6 to
  6. Fixed the Toolbar icons so that we can add a few new ones for future tasks. Involved creating all new simpler icons in the 24 x 24 and 16 x 16 sizes only without the anti-aliasing and shadowing. Fixed the System Preferences regarding the new icon sizes.
  7. SRM_VOS_Code was missing the first code called UNDEFINED so it was added.
  8. Made the toolbar icon text size smaller so that it won't extend the icons outside of the application's viewable range by default.
  9. Added a Status Bar to the bottom of the Edit Area and changed a few of the 'message' type pop-ups to update the status bar instead of showing the pop-up message.
  10. Error file extension was always expected to be '.txt'. Fixed to allow any extension.
  11. Added Window Selector to the MenuBar for internal frame windows.
  12. TM Augmented 3D icon text was overwriting class type text so it was removed from all the location icon texts because it was redundant and was overlaying the actual class name text.

The following list provides a summary of the improvements/fixes in the 0.6c release:

  1. Fixed bug in array for credit_count in <Description> does not save to transmittal.
  2. fixed bug in VOS_Code type where it had a blank in comboBox at end.
  3. EDCS Info Window initial size was too tall. Resized to max initial size of 600.
  4. Fixed problem with EAV and Comination Field. The real_values and integer/count_values were grouped and had a different number of input items causing an exception when reading from the API.
  5. fixed problem with the history and String types in the EAVs.
  6. fixed problem with the Interval types layout, they're not filling the whole space as required.
  7. fixed problem with the history and the Interval types in the EAVs.
  8. Added ability to add one-way or two-way associations. Problem came up while trying to manually duplicate a tree in one transmittal into another transmittal and we couldn't replicate the one-way association to the <Geometry Model> from the <GMI>.
  9. Fixed layout of Real_Value in EAV - layout was not being set correctly.
  10. Combination Field regarding Property_Code and Element_Type. Made an adjustment to the update method in the Combination Field class to check the EAC's type to make sure that it's an Enum type before updating the EAVs.
  11. Fixed location icons in the browser. Also truncated 'Surface' to 'Surf.' for icon tags because 'Surface' is too long and it's overlapping the class type name.
  12. Added 'Save' question before running applications.
  13. Updated/fixed the Users Guide to match the current GUI. Required updating screen captures and in many cases the text. Re-worked the structure of the file to accommodate all aspects of capabilities without becoming too redundant.

The following list provides a summary of the improvements/fixes in the 0.6b release:

  1. Replaced the EDCS field 'definition' buttons with 'dictionary entry' buttons. This allows the user to make more informed decisions as to what they should select in regards to SE_Single_Values and EDCS_Attribute_Values.
  2. Added 'Close' button to File Menu to allow closing of all views of a selected transmittal.
  3. Fixed bug in 'Recent Files' behavior. Moved 'Recent Files' list into sub-menu of 'File' menu.
  4. Changed 'Help' files to use the default HTML browser instead of the basic HTML viewer Focus was providing.
  5. Added in an extra text field to the 'Find' dialog to allow users to copy and paste an entire object ID. Redesigned the 'Find' dialog for less confusion. Fixed bug in 'Find' dialog when selecting a type in the list that didn't exist in the transmittal.
  6. Added in new WindowListeners to the 'Edit' and 'Array Edit' windows to handle the window closing events from the 'x' button in the top right hand corner of the window.
  7. Fixed mismatched menu key commands and mnemonics for menu items.
  8. Made menus and the toolbar context sensitive.
  9. Fixed big in add and remove relationship dialogs in regards to read-only mode.
  10. Fixed several small bugs related to the 'System Preferences'.
  11. Fixed bug that wouldn't let user edit the SE_SRF_Info fields angular_units and linear_units.
  12. Added in wait cursor for objects with long load times, such as those using the EDCS.
  13. Added title text '(Read Only)' to internal frame title when applicable.
  14. Fixed bug in GUI when a transmittal view was deleted and another selected the toolbar would disappear.
  15. Fixed bug regarding the number of unfreed object references when trying to delete and object/tree.
  16. Fixed bug in 'Delete Object' that was orphaning rather than removing objects from the transmittal.
  17. Added validation to paste object/tree to make sure that the paste is valid before actually trying to paste (report to user).
  18. Fixed bug that returned a blank message to user when entering an orphaned object ID into the 'Find' dialog.
  19. Fixed GUI repaint artifact that happened to the menu bar when the toolbar was not repainted.
  20. Added 'Save' to the 'File' menu. This change allows the user to save the most recent changes without having to close down the transmittal, and in some cases Focus, and then re-open it to run an application on those recent changes.
  21. Added 'Save As' to the 'File' menu that allows the user to rename the currently selected transmittal.

The following list provides a summary of the improvements/fixes in the 0.6a release:

  1. Multiple Document Interface (MDI) to replace the tabbed pane and allow users to view transmittals side by side.
  2. Add and remove relationship options added.
  3. Fixed problem with dealing with link objects and their relationships.
  4. Fixed SE_Locale enumerants so that country and language are actually shown with the codes.
  5. Fixed bugs when editing arrays.
  6. Fixed the new/create object to only show valid classes that can be added below a parent class.
  7. Limitations on editing certain objects has been removed. Classes that pertain to <Data Table>s were previously blocked from editing so that the user could not invalidate the <Data Table>. Now all objects can be edited. A warning pop-up is now displayed if the object to be edited may affect the validity of a <Data Table>.
  8. Migration to SEDRIS 4.0.x
  9. Many minor misc. bugs fixed.

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Fixes and Upgrades Planned For Future Releases

The following list provides a summary of the major improvements planned for future releases:

  1. Add optimization to opening of ITR transmittals.
  2. Data Table Signature Selector only shows a maximum of 4 <Table Property Description>s. Need to fix it to show all.
  3. Add a way for the user to add all the required components to a single object in a single step.
  4. Make the "New Component" selection drop-down a multi-selection box.
  5. Add in capability to retrieve the transmittal's GIUD.
  6. Add in capability to allow user to run Defrag and also retrieve valuable data about the fragmentation and unused bytes in a transmittal.
  7. Upgrade Data Table Editor to handle SE_Intervals.
  8. Reimpliment OME search functionality.
  9. Upgrade OME searches to report labels and their values.
  10. Switch OME to use the C++ OME from the SEDRIS C++ SDK.
  11. Switch all Focus JNI code to use the SEDRIS C++ API instead of the C API.
  12. Bugs reported with the previous versions not already addressed such as:
    • Data Table Editor seems to hang after re-opening it a few times.

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Known Defects and Limitations

The following provides a summary of the currently known defects and limitations:

  1. Find by ID and URN doesn't work when traversing ITR transmittals. This includes the OME searching object buttons and the error reporting object buttons.
  2. No current support for SE_Interval_Type in Data Table Editor.
  3. No current support for SE_String in Data Table Editor.
  4. No direct provision for expanding or eliminating data from <Data Table>s.
  5. No provision for importing or exporting data to and from <Data Table> or <Image> objects.
  6. When editing an object linked through an association, the result will not be reflected on the preview pane of that object although the new attribute values are stored in STF. Workaround: select another object and then re-select the original object to force preview pane refresh.
  7. When editing an object through an ITR link, the result will not be shown on the preview pane of the same object opened explicitly.
  8. There is a limitation on selecting enumeration type values in the EDCS_Attribute_Value type when the class that it resides in is a <Property Characteristic> or <State Data>.
    In the case of the <Property Characteristic>, it is only a problem when the aggregate <Table Property Description> has an EAC of type enumeration and the user tries to select 'Enumeration' for the EDCS_Attribute_Value in the <Property Characteristic>, otherwise the EDCS_Attribute_Value behaves normally.
    In the case of the <State Data>, it has a requirement based on the 'state_tag' field of the <State Related Features> or <State Related Geometry> object that the <State Data> is being used as a link object for. The EDCS_Attribute_Value has the same problem in this case when it comes to selecting the 'Enumeration' type for the <State Data>.
    Both need to query another object to get their EACs, then query the EDCS to get the applicable EECs.

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System Requirements



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To install Focus, extract the contents of the compressed file downloaded from the SEDRIS Tools website.

Use the "tar" and "gzip" commands to extract the application substituting "focus_file.tar.gz" for the appropriate filename:

gunzip -c focus_file.tar.gz | tar xf -

If you have the latest GNU tar installed, you can use the following command instead:

tar xzf focus_file.tgz

To run Focus, open a terminal then change directories into the newly created Focus directory. Type "run_focus" to start the application.


To install Focus, run the focus setup.exe downloaded from the SEDRIS Tools website.

To use Focus, run the application from the Start Menu or by accessing the Focus.exe from the install directory.

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See Users Guide.

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Runtime Variables - (C API ONLY)

This section describes the following environment variable that are available for users to configure the SEDRIS runtime environment. The default values should be sufficient for most users:

Please refer to the SEDRIS documentation for more detailed information about these particular variables.

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Bug Reports and Feedback

Questions, comments, and bug reports should be sent to

If you are an associate, please send email to

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Web Pages

These links require Internet access.

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