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The Focus application is useful for examining, editing, and correcting SEDRIS Transmittal Format (STF) files (also called SEDRIS transmittals). Focus can also run other applications, and includes tools such as Depth, Model Viewer, Rules Checker, and Syntax Checker.


The current version is, and is compatible with SEDRIS SDK 4.1.x.



  • Open multiple transmittals simultaneously.
  • Create multiple views of a transmittal.
  • View and edit the objects in a transmittal.
  • Find a specific object in a transmittal by its DRM class or ID.
  • Navigate from object to object in an object tree hierarchy.
  • Create bookmarks on transmittal objects.
  • Copy and paste objects within and across transmittals.
  • Create objects and relationships in a transmittal.
  • Delete objects and relationships from a transmittal.
  • Run an application on a transmittal from the main window.
  • Locate an object in post-processing of Syntax or Rules Checker via a GUI.
  • Configure GUI and transmittal traversal preferences.


The following limitations are applicable to this release.

  • No current support for SE_Interval_Type in Data Table Editor.
  • No current support for SE_String in Data Table Editor.
  • No direct provision for expanding or eliminating data from <Data Tables>s.
  • No provision for importing or exporting data to and from <Data Table> or <Image> objects.
  • When editing an object linked through an association, the result will not be reflected on the preview pane of that object, although the new attribute values are stored in STF. (Workaround: select another object and then re-select the original object to force preview pane refresh.)
  • When editing an object through an ITR link, the result will not be shown on the preview pane of the same object opened explicitly.
  • There is a limitation on selecting enumeration type values in the EDCS_Attribute_Value type when the class that it resides in is a Property_Characteristic or State_Data.
    In the case of the Property_Characteristic, it is only a problem when the aggregate Table_Property_Description has an EAC of type enumeration and the user tries to select "Enumeration" for the EDCS_Attribute_Value in the Property_Characteristic, otherwise the EDCS_Attribute_Value behaves normally.
    In the case of the State_Data, it has a requirement based on the "state_tag" field of the State_Related_Features or State_Related_Geometry object that the State_Data is being used as a link object for. The EDCS_Attribute_Value has the same problem in this case when it comes to selecting the "Enumeration" type for the State_Data.
    Both need to query another object to get it's EAC and then query the EDCS to get the applicable EECs.



  • Recommended minimum CPU speed for Intel based machines is 650 MHz.
  • Recommended minimum RAM for all supported platforms is 128 MB.
  • Minimum disk space required is 30 MB.


  • Requires a JRE (Java Runtime Environment), version 1.4.2 or later, installed and set-up prior to its use.
  • The Windows version of Focus includes the JRE in the installation package. If you already have the JRE installed on your system, you can unselect it from the Focus installation options.
  • You can also download the JRE from Sun. Follow the download and installation instructions on their site.
  • Operating System
    • Linux
    • Microsoft Windows


Send email to help@sedris.org for questions or assistance in using this application.

As a minimum, please provide the following in your email:

  • application name and version
  • hardware architecture
  • OS name and version
  • JRE version
  • detailed problem description
  • instructions on how to reproduce the problem


  • Data Table Signature Selector only shows a maximum of 4 <Table Property Description>s. Need to fix it to show all.
  • Add a way for the user to add all the required components to a single object in a single step.
  • Add in capability to retrieve the transmittal's GIUD.
  • Add in capability to allow user to run Defrag and also retrieve valuable data about the fragmentation and unused bytes in a transmittal.
  • Upgrade Data Table Editor to handle SE_Intervals.


Installation Instructions

Last updated:  March 20, 2012